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A friend to SMEs and Start‑ups, we’re here to help you keep payroll processes simple, smooth and secure, so that you can focus on what’s important!


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Desiring a world that runs smoother, Kayaroll is here to empower and enable SMEs and their employees, by crafting ready to go, easy to setup, and fun to use solutions that simply make lives better.

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Time-consuming payroll calculations and processes that take up critical resources.

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To any business, time is money. Digitalise to rid yourself of tedious paperwork, and improve efficiency.

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Our systems are well attuned to government reporting requirements.

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Keeping HR processes smooth at Kayaroll
At Kayaroll, we understand that as SME and start-up owners in Singapore, you’ll need the time and headspace to focus on business growth. That means minimising any tasks that take up the bulk of your day-to-day operations, including HR matters that can be outsourced. And when it comes to payslips, as vital as the work is, the fact of the matter is that it is a time-intensive process that requires attention to detail.
Whether you’re looking at employee leave, overtime pay, Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions, income tax or foreign workers’ levy, there’s a range of considerations that go into payroll. While navigating this process can be manageable, it’s best to leave it to a specialised payroll company in Singapore as the process does involve a couple of rules and regulations. You wouldn’t want to face a miscalculation or late payslips – the company would then have to face penalties or perhaps even dissatisfaction from your own employees.
For that, Kayaroll is here to alleviate your woes with our leading payroll solution, ready to be tailored just for you! Say goodbye to churning lengthy annual wage reports or tediously calculating the individual CPF rates for each staff – Kayaroll offers a user-friendly and efficient online management system that elevates any business operations. We’re here to support your business with end-to-end payroll solutions that are easy for all companies across the various industries to adopt.
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